Day Care


Day Care at Stonehedge provides a place where your dog will be able to relax and go at their own speed.

This means doing doggie things such as sniffing, digging, playing with toys, and enjoying our shady, private, forested property. They can bark at our squirrels, play hide and seek, jump on hay bales, splash in the pools, or just lay down and doze in the sun. Your dog can play with some of our other guests, or just watch other dogs play and be silly. We believe that Day Care offers your dog a chance to gain social confidence with other dogs in safe surroundings, or if your dog is not interested in playing, he will not be forced to interact.

Although we supervise your dog's activities, we are not here to bond with your dog so that he becomes jealous of our attention or transfers his loyaties from you. We do not believe a dog should play all day long--dogs also need rest periods and quiet time outs to relax and regroup and they get that at Stonehedge each day on a soothing and predictable schedule.

Who can stay? All dogs 14 weeks of age or older which have proof of required vaccines can be accepted into Day Care at our internationally-known Boarding/Training/Breeding facility.

We are firm believers in the benefits of affordable, supervised Day Care and have seen it pay off for many of our clients with a fitter, happier, and more socially well-adjusted dog, but the dogs have to be matched with new playmates of the appropriate age, size, disposition, and activity level. Stonehedge Kennel's owners and staff have the experience to safely integrate your dog into the proper playgroup. If you engage our services on a day or week when we have few boarders or other day care clients, we have three sizes of well-socialized dogs in our personal kennel to offer to socialize your dog—toy, medium, and large size friendly new playmates for your pet.

All candidates for Day Care begin with an individual evaluation where we give our recommendation about the playgroup we think would work best and how often that dog should come in order to derive the maximum benefits of Day Care.

We also offer programs for special needs dogs and young puppies. For an additional charge, we will do one hour of training a day to correct undesirable behaviors or teach good manners to make your dog a more enjoyable companion for you and your family.

Day Care is offered every day but Sunday. Hours are from 9am to 6pm. Extended hours are offered as early as 7:30am for drop off with prior appointment.

No pick up or drop off between Noon and 3pm.

Full day $ 30 9 am to 6 pm

Partial day $25 9 Am to 3pm

Early drop of-- $5 additional charge

Hourly-- $7

For vaccine requirements, see our Boarding Kennel page. Our Day Care clients must adhere to the same vaccination and health requirements as our overnight boarders to protect the health of all our guests.

If you have more questions, or if you would like to make an appointment for Day Care Evaluation:

Email Sylvain: or call or text Slyvain: 973 347 7942

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