Swimming Program

Swimming program starts around June 1 through September, weather permitting.

All dogs can swim, and it is a fantastic exercise for them! Also what better way to enjoy swimming your dog, when most pools (friends included) don't allow dogs!

If we are unfamiliar with your dog, or will be the first time your dog is introduced to swimming in our pool then we may have to evaluate them to check their activity level and swimming capabilities at free of charge on their first time booking.

Program 1

If your dog is staying with us at the kennel for day care, or for an overnight stay then swimming is a additional charge charged at $20 for a 20 minute session. ( If we see your dog is distressed, we will cut the session short). Sign up when checking in.

Program 2

This is specific for only the dogs that know how to swim. $25 per session if bought individually. $80 for a package of 4. to be used on a month time.

Program 3

For private pool rental, the rates are $80 per hour, includes 4 dogs. Any additional dog after that is $15 per dog. Maximum 2 dogs per handler, with a maximum of 10 dogs. Have a doggie pool party with your friends! Tennis balls included! Please bring your own towels.

General Rules

The pool has plenty of chairs, tables and can accommodate a maximum of 15 people. You are welcome to bring food, dog snacks and non alcoholic drinks. No smoking. Electronic/Vapor are accepted.

All booking by phone through Sylvain at (973) 347-7942

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