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Stonehedge Kennel, partnered with Diablesse Kennels has been breeding Labradors for over 14 years and Whippets for 25.

Diablesse Kennel has bred many AKC confirmation and performance champions, and all with good temperament. We have successfully bred and shown champion dogs overseas as well. Although we breed for confirmation and respect the breed standard, we take much precaution toward health and temperament as well. All litters have parents that have been issued a health certificate in compliance with their breed standard.

All puppies are sold wormed and vaccinated. You are provided with their health certificate and stool sample. Owners receive full AKC papers. We do not sell to third parties, and all potential owners must come visit in person to Stonehedge Kennel. We like to know where our babies are going!

All puppies may be returned NO Questions Asked.

For more information please call Leila Anichini at (201) 317-8477 or email at:

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