Earth Dog

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What is Earth Dog?

For generations small terriers and Dachshunds were bred as hunting dogs to track game above and below ground; to bark at their quarry in the den and to bolt or draw it for the hunter. Now these wonderful little dogs are very suitable as family pets, however, they sometimes have to be trained not to bark at every little noise and not to dig in the yard or garden. Barking and digging are what they were bred for all those years, so now AKC has developed the three levels of Earthdog tests for these game little dogs.

Why Earth Dog?

This sport allows dogs to use their best sense- their sense of smell! They have SO MUCH fun! They also have to track the scent to find the quarry! Let them take this underground journey and use their talent ! Eligible breed for competition

Recreational Classes, any dog that can fit in a 9 X 9 inch Liner(tunnel).

Earth Dog

Group Classes: To be announced soon 😄

Private and semi- Private : 7 days a week