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About Adventure Quest

After a long career of competing with various breeds, including mixed breeds I felt it was time to create a new venue that
was fun, challenging, yet less physically demanding on both handler and dog than other dog sports out there.

We wanted to fill the need for a sport that was perfect for all sizes, breeds and ages and truly approachable by all.

This makes it perfect for pups, senior dogs, or any dog that wants to have fun!

Well, I told a few friends about it and thus Adventure Quest was born!

The simplicity of Adventure Quest allows the dog to focus on what it does best…using its sense of smell! The dogs tap into
their primal instincts and concentrate on the search!

What makes Adventure Quest different?

There are other search sports, however most are contained to an enclosed ring.

Adventure Quest is as close to the real thing as it gets for your dog to experience the feel of an outdoor hunt, but safe for all

You’ve probably seen your dog digging for chipmunks, or searching for critters in your backyard…

We’ve taken this to the next level and created an outdoor, natural environment that will allow your dog to live its fantasy of
searching for prey, but safe for all.

Are there competitions in Adventure Quest?

Yes! There will be trials in Adventure Quest where you will be able to earn titles in the order you choose with the classic
ribbons and rosettes as your reward!

You may also choose to run your dog in a trial, non-competing. This is unique in the sense that it will allow you to get the feel
of it without the pressure and nerves that comes along with a trial. If you feel comfortable, you can run again and decide to

Adventure Quest is a fun new way to add a challenging yet relaxed activity to your life with your dog.

See you at the search!

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