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Stonehedge provides Pet Training and Performance Training

We offer groups, workshops, and private training.

Private Training- $100 on site

Private Training in your home- we come to you at $150 per hour. (2 hr minimum and must be in our 15 mile radius). There is a traveling fee for those farther away.

Daycare and training programs are available with estimates.

Pet Training Workshop/Classes

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Meet our Instructor: Sylvain Anichini, Pet Trainer, and Behaviorist

Sylvain Anichini was born in Paris, France. He came to The United States to follow a path in engineering, graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from NJIT. While going to school, he regularly worked at his family-owned and operated full-service grooming shop, where he assisted his mother, Leila Anichini, in grooming and training. After finishing school, dogs became a more significant part of his life. He expanded his knowledge of canine behavioral studies and decided to make it his passion and later his career.

He opened Stonehedge Kennel with his mother, Leila in 1999 and has been a dog specialist for the past 20 years, from boarding, grooming, training, breeding, and behavioral studies. Over the years he has been hands-on working every day with every temperament, breed, age, and sized dog imaginable.

Sylvain has been breeding Labradors for over 17 years and has raised and trained puppies from birth to getting ready for their new family. Sylvain believes that training should be incorporated into your dogs’ everyday life! Routine, consistency, and leadership in your training are key to a happy two- and four-legged family.

Sylvain believes that socialization, such as Day care, is important in your training progression and specific goals. No matter what kind of dog or training you have, these principles can be applied to you!

Both private and group session are made to help you use the proper method to be successful in your training.

Meet our Barn Hunt Instructor, Leila Anichini :


Leila was born in Paris, France, and has always been passionate about dogs. She has been involved with dog sports in the USA since 1990.

Leila breeds, shows, and competes with Whippets, Labradors, and Brussels Griffons in the USA and internationally. She has experience in conformation, lure coursing (AKC, ASFA) racing, NOTRA,CWA rally (AKC and APDT obedience, agility (AKC, USDAA,UKI, CPE And TEA CUP), nose-work, dock diving (NADD) and Barn Hunt. Leila has worked with pure-breed dogs and rescue dogs as well. She is known for her versatility in her bloodline, cross-competing between these different sports. She believes in beauty and strength for her dogs.Leila hold a Dog Sport Massage qualification

Leila has produced many confirmation and field champions that have competed at a very high level both in the states and overseas. Some of most memorable accomplishments of Leila’s dog competition career are:

  • 2003 # 2 ASFA Lure Coursing Whippet.
  • 2009 BOB and Gillette Whippet winner at the ASFA International Invitational for Lure Coursing.
  • 2011 World Winner Whippet and BOB Whippet at the French National.
  • 2014 Winner of the Versatility Competition at The Whippet National.
  • 2015 National Round Silver medalist at the UKI US Open Agility with her Labrador.

Leila fell in love with Barn Hunt after the first try. She had discovered another new way to bond and have fun with her dogs! Leila is currently competing in Barn Hunt with 4 different breeds. So far she holds 3 Master Titles RATM, 1 RATCH , 1 RACHX4 Platinum Crazy 8’s with her labradors, Open title RATO with her whippet, RATM and RACHX 9 with her Border Collies and Platinum 2 Gold Level Crazy 8’s with her Border Collie. In 2016 Leila created her own Barn Hunt Club. Her Barn Hunt club is attached to her family owned and operated full service boarding, day care, grooming, and training center, Stonehenge Kennel, “The Dog Resort” which she runs with her son, Sylvain. Her kennel, like her career, is more than ordinary!

Leila is passionate about sharing her knowledge of dogs, and their sports. She loves helping people understand their dogs and creates the best working team possible, whatever the venue. Leila has a unique style, a larger than life personality and enjoys working with all breeds and people alike!

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